General Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


These General Conditions of Registration govern the conditions for subscription and use of the different subscriptions. The signature of the CGI by the customer entails unreserved acceptance. The Parties to the Registration Agreement are (1) the beneficiary of the registration, (2) the Payor, if different from the customer, in this case is responsible for the payment of the registration and (3) the Cultural Garden SARL which offers the services.


After taking note of the proposed services, the client declares to subscribe to a nominative and non-transferable registration contract authorizing him to take courses as follows: group course, private or duo course according to the chosen formula as well as sessions of conversations on the period of validity of registration and according to a price and the financial terms indicated in the contract.


The client accesses the classes in groups and conversations, at certain times and under certain conditions. SARL Jardin Culturel reserves the right to modify these schedules and services in order to adapt to the expectations of the Customer. Schedules are determined on our calendar, available on our websitewww.jardinculturel.com or at the premises of SARL Jardin Culturel during opening hours.

Other optional services or subscriptions may be offered to the Client: where applicable, these services may be the subject of a specific contract, supplementing this contract.


The learner declares to comply with these rules of procedure, to adhere to it without restriction or reservation and to respect the following instructions:

– No smoking inside the Cultural Garden and touching TV.

– In the event of an accident, each customer will immediately notify the rescue service.

– Do not allow unregistered people to return during class hours.


The client is expressly reminded that personal matters are not subject to any specific supervision. The customer thus recognizes that he has been fully informed of the risks involved in placing valuables in the premises. It is strictly forbidden to leave personal belongings inside the premises after leaving the premises.


SARL Jardin Culturel is insured for damages involving civil liability and that of its staff in accordance with Article 37 of the Law of 16 July 1984. The responsibility of the Cultural Garden can not be sought in the event of an accident resulting from the ” failure to observe safety instructions or improper use of equipment or other equipment.

The client is also invited to subscribe to a personal liability insurance policy, covering all the damage he may cause to third parties, of his own doing, during theactivities of the Cultural Garden .


A student who fails to attend a course in which he / she is enrolled is not entitled to any postponement except in special cases.

– Deferrals due to pregnancy, accident, sickness etc. can not exceed 6 months.

– Deferrals due to holidays can not exceed 2 weeks for a subscription of 6 months and 4 weeks for a subscription of 12 months.

The statutory holidays of the Cultural Garden at the end of the calendar year, as well as public holidays, give the right to a postponement, to be discussed with the professor and the administrative department. This gives no right to refund or compensation.


It is expressly agreed that any course purchased is due by the participant in full and no refund will be made.

Payment must be made in Euros by check made payable to Jardin Culturel, in cash, by direct debit from a bank account or by credit card. Payment must be made at the time of registration or at the latest on the 1st day of the course. Payment facilities can be granted at the time of registration.


Any request for cancellation / cancellation of contract must be made in writing (email, postal letter) with acknowledgment of receipt.

Cancellation of the contract on the initiative of the client before the beginning of the courses:

The customer has a right of withdrawal of seven clear days from the date of signature of this contract. To exercise this right the customer must serve it by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within the deadlines. The performance of the services can not begin before the expiry of the period of withdrawal.

Once the start date has passed, no refund request will be taken into account unless the contractual cancellation of the contract at the client’s request is justified by a legitimate reason (serious illness, move, etc.).

If the customer terminates his registration before the end date of the contract without legitimate reason: Jardin Culturel reserves the right to retain a percentage calculated in proportion to the duration of the customer’s contract.

Starting from the last month of the subscription, the customer must indicate by registered mail or email with acknowledgment of receipt if he wishes to stop his subscription. Failing this, the client remains enrolled in the courses and the withdrawals continue to be carried out by tacit renewal.

Termination on the initiative of the Cultural Garden:

The present contract is terminated by right by the Jardin Culturel on the following grounds:

-in case of fraud in the constitution of the registration dossier (false declaration, falsification of documents …)

– in the event of default, it being specified that a first incident of payment gives rise to the suspension of the registration at the courts pending the adjustment and a contribution to the costs of management of the delinquency of 10 € banking and management).

– in the event of any breach of this Regulation.


The data concerning the Customer are intended for the management of the Customer’s subscription by SARL Jardin Culturel. In accordance with the Law of 6 January 1978 modified “Informatique, Files et Libertés”, SARL Jardin Culturel may make offers to the client of its services, unless opposed by the latter. In this case, the customer will send him a letter to that effect. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, the Client has the right to access and correct information concerning him or her, which he can exercise at any time by contacting the management of SARL Jardin Culturel – 16 Rue Saint Bernard 31000 TOULOUSE.


The Cultural Garden may take pictures of the students in order to use them to illustrate promotional material (brochures, websites …) unless otherwise advised by the client or his legal representative. This notice must be specified in writing at the time of registration.