Jardin Culturel, language courses in central Toulouse

Why we exist

Jardin Culturel is committed to superior training services that create a social, friendly, learning environment that helps its members become independent, confident and ready for any situation.

At Jardin Culturel we are not just committed to language training, we recognize our responsibility to the world and we aspire to improve it by helping individuals, companies, charities, organizations and governments communicate with ease – by bettering the lives of our students, staff and the communities we serve we hope to inspire others to do the same.


Our aim as individuals and as a group is threefold:

  • To promote the usage of English to improve communication and understanding internationally for business, diplomacy and travel.
  • To help foreigners, immigrants and students obtain a level of French so that they can integrate into French society, appreciate the culture and benefit fully from their time here.
  • To create a community and network of students, both current and alumni, to promote language, cultural exchange and discussion around France, Europe and the world.

For our employees

We aim to provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of Jardin Culturel. Above all, Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every Jardin Culturel Customer.