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Le mot du jour en Anglais

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Coffee maker – Le mot du jour

By |2018-04-11T13:26:35+02:00avril 10th, 2018|Uncategorised|

Chris Conway, Hilleary Osheroff Domestic Appliance serving to make coffee. Feminine name. The word "coffee maker" originally meant a person holding an institution where you could drink coffee. The word "coffee maker" itself to describe a pitcher... ( see more on Wikipédia ) Sentence of example: every morning i make my coffee with [...]

Speaker Mot du jour

By |2018-04-11T16:53:57+02:00février 3rd, 2016|Uncategorised|

Speaker /ˈspiːkɚ/ Définition: Someone who speaks a particular language fluent speakers of French = fluent French speakers — see also native speake   Utiliser des intervalles idéaux pour réviser selon le temps restant avant l’évaluation Dans une étude menée en 2008 sur 1 300 étudiants à l’Université de Californie, des scientifiques ont déterminé les intervalles optimaux [...]

Forest – Le mot du jour

By |2018-04-11T16:17:25+02:00septembre 3rd, 2015|Non classé|

1. A large tract of land covered with trees and underbrush; woodland. 2. The trees on such a tract: to cut down a forest. 3. A tract of wooded grounds in England formerly belonging to the sovereign and set apart for game. [ôr'ist]

Building – Le mot du jour

By |2018-04-11T16:13:11+02:00août 4th, 2015|Uncategorised|

1. A relatively permanent enclosed construction over a plot of land,having a roof and usually windows and often more than one level, usedfor any of a wide variety of activities, as living, entertaining, ormanufacturing. 2. Anything buitl or constructed. 3. The act, business, or practice of constructing houses, office buildings,etc. [bil-ding] Origin of building : English Vous-êtes sur [...]

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