English Courses

Professional courses at Jardin Culturel

At Jardin Culturel, our teachers are professional qualified language coaches who have many years of experience in teaching for a variety of ages and needs.


The Jardin is open! We’re restarting our extensive, intensive and individual courses while assuring that all the government policies on social distancing and hygiene are met.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer our conversation sessions at the moment, but we’re hoping to do so as soon as possible. 

Individual English Courses

Have your Individual English courses at home, in your office or in the centre of town at our language centre; you can be assured of excellent professional language training always with an experienced, qualified coach. Whether it’s for professional reasons, as part of your studies, or just for leisure, secondary language skills are quickly becoming a requirement everywhere: to get into university, to write an international CV, or even to get that promotion you want.

Private language courses are, without a doubt, the best way to make the most of your time. The personal one-on-one attention will inevitably lead you to learn faster and more effectively than in group classes.

Your teacher will identify the best learning strategies for you, as well as integrate the topics and focuses you wish to address. If you want to learn English for a particular academic or professional field, or simply have goals you need to meet, then this is the course for you. All levels are available, at all times of the year.


Individual Course Pricing

15 hour Individual Course

A1 to C2
  • 46€/hour
  • FREE Trial Course
  • Flexibility of schedules Validity 4 months maximum
  • FREE Conversation Sessions
  • Tailor made courses Preparation for Exams BULATS, TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFL.

10 hour Individual Course

A1 to C2
  • 50€/h
  • FREE Trial
  • Flexibility of schedules Validity 2 months maximum
  • Usually good for very specific purposes
  • Exam preperation for LinguaSkill, TOEIC, IELTS, DELF? TOEFL and more.

English Group Courses

Come join us for our highly acclaimed extensive English courses in central Toulouse, specifically adapted for intermediate and pre-intermediate students to master the nuances of English and gain confidence and independence in their English lives.

Because language is passed on principally by discussion and interaction; our workshops focus heavily on talking and helping our students gain the confidence and independence to master their English.

Each session lasts two hours

  • The first hour is a course on a grammatical point or a specific topic with the vocabulary.
  • The second hour is a group discussion where one puts into practice what we learned just before, students discuss among themselves but also with the teacher.

So that each student can learn easily and benefit from personal attention from the teacher, we limit the group size to a maximum 8 people.


Extensive Course Pricing

3 Month Membership

A1 to B2
  • FREE Trial Course
  • Pay 100€ each month (300€)
  • 2 hours / week
  • 24 hours of classes in total
  • Conversation Sessions INCLUDED

9 Month Membership

A1 to B2
  • FREE Trial Course
  • Pay 75€ each month (720€)
  • 2 hours / week
  • 72 hours of classes in total
  • Conversation Sessions INCLUDED

Specialist English Courses

Many teachers have specialist skills from previous careers, such as programming, graphics design, web development, medicine, pharmaceuticals and finance etc. As such we offer a few specialist courses with particular aims. Meanwhile, some of our teachers have specialised in preparing students for particular exams to ensure the best grades possible.

Here is a list of some of the English specialist courses we currently offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a special need.


Exam preparation for the TOEIC, BULATS, TOEFL and IELTS

We do specialist exam preparation courses including practice tests for the most important international ESL exams:  IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and the Cambridge English exams such as CAE, FCE, KET and PET.

Each test requires different strategies and tactics, we stage mock papers with follow up analysis to help you understand where you went wrong and how to improve your marks in a systematic way.

All exams and practice tests use the CEFR levels A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2.

Please visit our Exam preparation page for more details.


What Our Students Say

 I took English lessons for six months. I tried group lessons as well as private lessons. Both formulas are of high quality in a very nice and welcoming atmosphere. The rates are very interesting and the interlocutors I had did everything to adapt to my request. I intend to re-register in September to continue to progress. I highly recommend this cultural place!


I am delighted with my experience at Jardin Culturel. I really appreciated the friendliness and professionalism of James. I took private lessons with him, which allowed me to work my English on themes that I liked. The classes are very diverse: debate, music, videos etc. It does not look like the traditional, boring classes, where there is no contact with the teacher. And that’s really what allowed me to progress in English. And in addition the place is really nice and reasonable prices. I highly recommend it.

Sarah Amalvy