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Business is now multinational and growth requires businesses to invest in language and business cultural skills for all staff. Fulfil all your language training needs with our network of highly qualified teachers. Let your staff learn at the office and we’ll help them become confident, independent speakers that will make your business grow.

What we do

Our purpose is to give your employees all the tools they need to be independent, confident and relaxed in their target language.

Business language for every occasion

The Jardin Culturel offers a variety of courses that can be tailored to your companies needs. 

To discuss it further, we recommend setting an appointment with our commercial team so we can tailor a solution specific to your company.

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Join our existing weekly group courses

We already offer high-quality English groups classes lasting two hours throughout the week.
Each course follows the following format:

An hour lesson on a grammatical point or vocabulary followed by, one hour of discussion with the group using the newly learned material

Tailored private groups or individual courses

We are referencable on DataDock and offer fully developed courses for employees or individual professionals, you can choose your own personalised duration and schedule.

We operate anywhere in the Toulouse area and will be happy to offer a trial course. 

Business English

First-Class business English classes from sales language to answering emails, and from Drs to boardrooms we have experience in many domains

Proof Reading

Making sure that an important email, menu or manual are in correct English before shipping. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy  


Linguistic Exchange

The best way to speak better is to speak more! We have run various lunch time conversation group sessions at companies to give all your employees a chance to practice their English or French.

Generating New Ways TO HELP People Communicate

Since 2013, we have grown every year and become a powerful and professional presence in the Toulouse area. Our Language courses have touched thousands of lives from students to professionals and from sales to CEOs.

OUR 2019 in numbers


Student hours



(+/-) Cups Of Coffee!

Jardin Culturel is committed to superior training services that create a social, friendly, learning environment that helps its members become independent, confident and ready for any situation.

At Jardin Culturel we are not just committed to language training, we recognize our responsibility to the world and we aspire to improve it by helping individuals, companies, charities, organizations and governments communicate with ease – by bettering the lives of our students, staff and the communities we serve we hope to inspire others to do the same

From Our Clients

I would like to earnestly acknowledge the efforts and valuable time given by the main driver of this school, James. His valuable engage with the students, folow up and feedback makes this school one of the most competitive and professional language companies in Toulouse.
Cristobal Chaves

For me it’s the best English language training school in the region. The teachers are competent, professional, methodical, patient and very available, in addition to being native English speakers!

Amirouche Sa