Brace : breɪs

1 : to get ready for something difficult or unpleasant

  • (chiefly US) — usually + for
  • The town is bracing for a busy tourist season.
    We braced for the storm.
    [+ object]
  • Brace yourself. [=prepare yourself] I have some bad news.
    — usually + for
  • She braced herself for the news.

2 [+ object] : to give added physical support or strength to (something)

  • He braced the gate with a piece of wood.
  • Steel columns brace the structure.

3 a [+ object] : to support (yourself) by leaning against something or holding something

  •  She braced herself with one hand and reached up with the other.
    • — often + against
  • He braced himself against the wall.

3 b [+ object] : to place (something, such as your feet or hands) against something for support — usually + against

  • He braced his foot against the wall.

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