French Group Courses in Toulouse

French group courses with a little grammar and a lot of conversation !

French group courses

Come join us in our regular French group courses in central Toulouse, specifically adapted for intermediate students to master the nuances of French and gain confidence and independence in their French lives.

The workshop concept

Because language is passed on principally by discussion and interaction; our French group courses focus heavily on talking and helping our students gain the confidence and independence to master their French.

Each session lasts two hours

  • The first hour is a course on a grammatical point or a specific topic with the vocabulary.
  • The second hour is a group discussion where one puts into practice what we learned just before, students discuss among themselves but also with the teacher.

So that each student can learn easily and benefit from personal attention from the teacher, we limit the group size to a maximum 8 people.

A native French professor and small groups

Our French group courses focus on either a grammar or vocabulary for the first hour followed by the guided conversation which allows learners to practise what they have learned, or just express themselves in an open way.

We believe the best language learning takes place in small groups (usually 3 to 7 people), and everyone has the opportunity to speak throughout. Having a native French teacher , allows you to be corrected and to be aware of any errors as they occur and most importantly we offer a relaxed quiet environment where you don’t feel under pressure.

Weekly Timetable

Workshops take place throughout the year except Christmas and holidays

19h00 - 21h00Level B1French group course
14h00 - 16h00Level A2.2French group course
19h00 - 21h00Level A2.1
14h00 - 16h00Level B1French group course
19h00 - 21h00Level A1French group course
19h00 - 21h00Level A2.2French group course

Our business group courses are 2 hour practical sessions that run every Saturday, for professional people wanting to master French for the workplace. Workshops will cover such diverse subjects as:

  • Presentations to a group
  • Meetings
  • Interviews
  • Teleconferences
  • Negotiations
  • Crisis management scenarios
  • Debates and more…

We have two payment schemes for our French group courses

You have the control

FB-Post-FRv1Because we know that in the modern, hectic world it’s nearly impossible for you to schedule a regular time for your French classes we have set up something special, subscriptions. By paying a monthly fee you can combine the flexibility of our language ​workshops (for intermediate students and above) and conversation sessions with the freedom to choose when you want to come to the courses.

Running in a similar way to a gym, this new system gives you the control over your learning schedule.

Subscription fees

Membership gives access to 1 workshop (2 hours) per week as well as unlimited conversation sessions (up to 4 hours per week):

Length of subscriptionMonthly Fee
3 months85€
6 months70€
9 months 65
12 months60€

As you can see the longer you subscribe to our classes the cheaper they become.

Only 40 subscriptions are available!

Why have a limited number of members?

  • To ensure we continue to give you the high quality courses that we’re known for.
  • As each workshop has a maximum of 8 people, this limited number of subscribers mean we’ll have spaces available throughout the week.
  • To keep the Jardin Culturel a friendly, close-knit community for learning.

How to sign up?

Your Email (required)

  • Download the membership sign-up form (pdf)
  • Come to Jardin Culturel with the completed form and a RIB or chequebook
  • Take a free language level test to check your placement.
  • Sign up today or register to start in September after the summer holidays!

Not sure yet? Take a trial class!

Before booking a course you can try Jardin Culturel by taking a 2 hour workshop for 10 €.
Simply send us a message for more information and reserve your preferred time.

You only pay for the group classes you attend

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to promise that you can attend a session at a particular time for weeks or months into the future. So we have decided to change the rules. At Jardin Culturel you only pay for the classes you attend, choosing what times or days you want to attend, whether it be in the evening or morning and you can start workshops at any time of the year.

Each class lasts for two hours, cups of tea and coffee are available to everyone.

Purchasing French group courses

Just buy credits for 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 (or more) classes.
These prices are for all classes (excluding informal conversation evenings).
Each workshop lasts two hours.

First Workshop10€5€10€
1 Workshopt30€15€30€
5 Workshops120€12€24€
10 Workshops210€10,5€21€
20 Workshops380€9,5€19€
30 Workshops525€8,75€17,5€
40 Workshops660€8,25€16,5€
50 or more workshops--8€16€

The credits are personal, non-transferable and non-refundable. Credits for “workshops” can only be used for workshops and can not be redeemed against tutoring or other services offered by Jardin Culturel (unless specifically indicated otherwise)

Ask us any questions

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