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Take your French courses at home, your office, or at our offices right in the heart of Toulouse. Whether for business as part of your studies or just for leisure, French is the official language of the Olympic games and an absolute necessity for people operating in the country: whether you are going to university, writing a CV or even to get that promotion you want.

The Jardin Culturel

We offering a variety of services to anyone wishing to learn a language, Our aim is to create a relaxed and friendly environment conducive to quality learning. Our philosophy is focused on exchange and conversation, our method will help you progress, whatever your age, your culture or your level of French!

French Courses

The individual French courses offered at the Jardin Culturel are flexible and tailored specifically to each student. Our goal is to enable you to achieve your language goals whatever those might me. We specialise in test test preparation (DEFLF) , language for business, first steps in French and advanced writing courses.

Working professionals
45€ per hour
Students , Retirees or unemployed
35€ per hour
Lessons at your office or at your home
55€ per hour
Specialised courses about programming, finance or law
55 € per hour

French workshops

The French workshops are a blend between an French course and conversation designed specifically for people with busy lives who find it difficult to commit to a particular evening for a typical course running several weeks.

Each workshop can accommodate 8 people at a time and lasts two hours.

  • The first hour is a course dedicated to a grammatical or a specific topic with the vocabulary.
  • The second hour is a discussion group where they put into practice what one has learned just before, students discuss among themselves but also with the teacher.

Prices are flexible and the first session is only 10 €.

First Workshop10€5€10€
1 Workshopt30€15€30€
5 Workshops120€12€24€
10 Workshops210€10,5€21€
20 Workshops380€9,5€19€
30 Workshops525€8,75€17,5€
40 Workshops660€8,25€16,5€
50 or more workshops--8€16€

French Conversations and social club

This group is for anyone who wants to spend an engaging session practising French in a comfortable and inviting environment, all run and supervised by a native French speaker! We want students, professionals and anyone wanting to discuss and enjoy true conversations on interesting subjects, from news topics to sports matches to fashion shows! We have a TV for video and a beautiful garden for BBQ’s when the weather permits! All levels of French are welcome and the first meeting is free and we would like to introduce theme nights (Prom, Fancy Dress, BBQ, Movie Night, Game Night, etc…) Any suggestions are welcome!
The first session is free and the price is € 5 per 2 hour session.
The conversations are free for those who have a level superior or equal to C1

First time0€
Normal price10€
C1 level or native0€
Book of 5 tickets and get one conversation free!25€

Find out your French level for free

You can complete our on-line French test

Or if you want a proper diagnostic test along with a free consultation then please give us your email

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In the mail you will receive.

  • The test in pdf format
  • An MP3 audio file for audio comprehension
  • A summary of our offers and activities

* We promise a one time mail and no spam!


  2 comments for “French courses in Toulouse

  1. Claire Pethica
    2nd November 2015 at 9:38 pm


    I would like to come along to the next french speaking social club event. I am currently A2 level and would like to practice speaking French as much as possible! Please let me know the details for the next event, I would love to come along. I am 26years old, very social and am a Kiwi – go the All Blacks! I also have a few friends that might be interested in coming along as well.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • 3rd November 2015 at 9:09 am

      Hi Claire,

      The next French conversation event is on Thursday at 19-21 at our office. We’d love to see you there! We’re trying to get more social events going (we had a Halloween party on Saturday). We also offer group course monthly subscriptions for A2 speakers in French if you’re interested.

      Look forward to seeing you soon,

      The Jardin Culturel Team.

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