Jardin Culturel language courses in central toulouse

Jardin Culturel, language courses in central Toulouse

Offering a variety of different courses and formats for any student wishing to learn a language. We guarantee a relaxed atmosphere in a comfortable environment conducive to quality learning. Based mainly on exchange and conversation, our method will help you grow, whatever your age, cultural background or language level!

Below is a list of some the different types of courses and sessions offered by Jardin Culturel at present with a brief description and a link to more information.

Our latest offer! Training subscriptions

Because we know that in the modern busy world it’s nearly impossible for you to schedule a regular language class we have set up something special, subscriptions. By paying a monthly fee you can combine the flexibility of our language workshops (for intermediate students and above) and conversation sessions with the freedom to choose when you want to come to the courses.

Running in a similar way to a gym, we give you back the control from as little as 55€ a month for 8 hours of courses and lots of conversation.

Please read more about our English subscriptions and French subscriptions